With the world watching

Every 4 years, the world comes together for 3 and half weeks of passion, banter & breath-taking moments where footballers, fans and fanatics travel from all of the world to play or witness the World Cup finals. Hundreds of Nations enter from six FIFA confederations and only 32 nations have made it to the finals. This world cup see’s few big surprises, a few first timers and a few have missed the cut for the first time in its nations history.

Russia plays host for this years World cup finals and they are met by six FIFA confederations Saudi Arabia, Egypt and south american powerhouse Uruguay. With many believing that Russia and Uruguay to advance within this group. In Group C, Australia will face France, Peru & Denmark. A tough but fair group for our green and gold to be part of. The group of death (B) sees Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal to face the might of Spain, Iran & Morocco.

So with many watching from all corners of the globe which of the 32 teams will take home that prestigious prize for the next 4 years.

The favourites:
Germany – Given the fact they won the confederations cup with a second string side, you couldn’t write them off.
Brazil – The won there confederation with 10 points clear at the top. Along with the side on paper, you can’t write off the south american Giants.

The outsiders:
Argentina, Belgium and Portugal. On paper they have the world’s best players but can they string together a run to go all the way. Only time will tell.

The underdogs:
England, Croatia and Uruguay. Can the world cup to go to one of these 3 nations. England always have all the hype going in but never seem to be able to string it all together when it matters. Uruguay can be called an underdog but is there a chance they could meet Australia along the way.

So I guess the big questions needs to be asked! How much is it going to cost for fans to travel to world cup and grab a few tickets along with a few nights accommodation.

For socceroos fans it will cost you around $700 dollars for category 1 tickets for any group stage match. With Category 2 costing around $200 to cat 3 costing $130. On June 16th Australia face European powerhouse France at Kazan Stadium in Kazan. The average nights accommodation is for a 2-3 star costing between $130 – $200 dollars. If your looking to stay in style the cost can range from $300 to $800 per night but the city is starting to have no bookings available and only a few 4-5 star hotels have that night free for bookings. Fight are still available on most major airline carriers with a few deals servicing as well, you could pick up a flight in economy return for around $1600 dollars.

You can grab your World cup tickets by the following link – click here

Another World cup finals is upon.

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