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Market your event for success

The stresses of running an event can be the most painful experience of an organisers life! When goals and targets seem so far to reach and the light at the end of the tunnel is nothing but a flicking matchstick flame. Many organisers struggle with the separation between event day needs, customer service & marketing and try and wear all hats.

Many organisers we witness take it upon themselves to manage marketing for there event. It’s the biggest mistake they could do unless they have a full time experienced seasoned marketing manager with the know how for events. We hear it time and time again… “oh I do all that”. Our first response is… generally one of bitter kind. We can’t stress this enough. Do not over look marketing! It’s everything in the event industry these days. Here is a list of helpful life saving tips that can safe you sometime and hopefully result in a positive ticket selling effect.

1) Know your audience – There is no use marketing to the wrong audience. Understand what makes your industry and brand tick, do some market research and gather the ideas that can save you in the long run.

2) Sales funnel – It all starts with brand awareness and ends with an unforgettable experience. Our suggestion would be to check out a few social media and website sales funnel videos on youtube for the correct information. We have a few videos up that will really become beneficial to you.

3) The old X = Y – What is x=y marketing, it’s simple really just go do to your local newsagent and pick up one magazine. Know doubt the covers will read “10 ways to get your beach bod this winter”, or “33 ways to get more done in less time”!!!! People have been engaged in the X=Y technique since the 1800’s. Don’t change something that is not broken we say, So I guess you’re wondering how does this work for the event space? 10 must see DJ’s at such & such event, 5 reason why you should become an exhibitor with us. See how it works.

4) Social media – We all know it. Social media is where the world talks. No long do we read newspapers in the morning! no longer do we flick on the news to see the news. NO we jump on our phone and the world of statuses & news articles is flying down our feeds. The only real advice we can give you here is, hire an expert! People that understand the data like no one else. Since the big change in facebook laws in May 2018 you really need to find yourself an industry expert.

5) Branding – No need to explain this one but spend the time and money on a graphic designer and have your event branding consistent across the whole campaign.

If you would like to know anymore information or speak with a industry expert please feel free to reach out on 18000 OUTIX. Outix – A event ticketing platform built by event organisers for event organisers.

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