Hop on down to a beer festival & get the incider info on how its made.

It seems as though everywhere I look at the moment Australians are flocking to beer & cider festivals. Events range from small boutique gatherings to large scale multi-day events with Jimmy Barnes belting his lungs on the Saturday night. The bottom line is that they all engage Aussies love for anything brewed.

Events attract brewers, vendors & enthusiasts of all ages above 18!! Some even associate with that other great Australian tradition… American BBQ which continues its insurgence towards replacing the “Shrimp” on our Barbeques.

Boutique beers & ciders have come a long way from our neighbours back shed home brew that taste like old socks. Today’s product is of a high standard and some have even achieved award status on the world stage.

Why not get involved in a masterclass from your favorite brewer and learn the process behind beer making, including the steps taken, ingredients added and varied processes utilised to achieve that perfect drop. Perhaps you could learn to cook with beer & cider or find the food that best compliments your favorite drink “This stout certainly has a flavor profile (taste) that matches perfectly with this sausage and burnt onion sandwich Jim”. But if you plan on just spending the day walking around tasting product whilst pretending you will be back to purchase some later, remember to have a plan B or find a safe mode of transport.

The Crafty Pint is an excellent place to keep up to date with all the events around Australia plus news, reviews, venues & brews.
So when you’ve “got a hard earned thirst” or even just want to get out of the house, keep an eye out for a beer & cider festival popping up in your local area.

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