10 things you should be getting from your ticket company

I have been in the event management industry for over 12 years and
seen everything from an a artist fall off stage to a event be cancelled due to
cyclone warnings.. These are definitely the top 10 things I would be looking for
from any ticketing company before setting up to sell with them:

1. 24/7 Access to your event
Most platforms provide this but you need to ensure you have full access to
your account and the financials at all times.

2. Simple to use promoter interface
This is by far one of the most important functions, a simple interface will
remove the stress out of minor changes and most of all allow you to spend
less time on the building of the event and more time on the planning.

3. Simple to use patron interface
With the current trends and simplicity due to current technology, people
will close a page if they cannot find and process what they are looking for
within minutes. Therefore, a complicated and confusing front end will
cause ticket drop offs and a huge decline in sales.

4. Customisable interface
The ability to customise the look and feel of your patron page is a must,
this should definitely be at the forefront of your decision tree a
customisable interface allows you to style the event how you want it to
look giving a familiar feel and allows the purchaser to be comfortable in
buying a ticket from you rather than a ticketing platform.

5. Marketing Integration
Ensure the platform you choose has a marketing platform integrated with
at least and Email functionality SMS is a bonus as well. This will allow you
to quickly and easily communicate with your customers without having to
use an external source which is usually time consuming and costly.

6. Social Media Integration
These days this is a must. With things such as ‘like’, share campaigns, re-
share and re-tweet discounts, social media integration. It is a cheap and
easy way of marketing your event to people you would have never had
access to.

7. Options for payment and Cashflow
These days, cash flow can be the difference between a successful event
campaign and a failed campaign. So make sure you have upfront payment
options and discounts for allowing your provider to hold the money for

8. Customer Support
100% – the most important thing on your list. It should not only be for
your customers but for yourself as well. Modern technology allows many
forms of service. However phone, online and email support seem to be the
best. You definitely want to ensure they are 24 hours 7 day a week. You
and your customers are, so why shouldn’t they be? I would also try and
see if you could get a dedicated account manager this will help with those
late night weekend issues for a faster response.

9. Security
This is your data so you will definitely want to make sure both your data
and your patrons’ information are securely stored. Always look for a SSL
license. This will give you a good indication that the server is
secure. Also with credit card payments these days it is a requirement to
have a PCI DSS license so ensure you ask to see a copy of this as well.

10. Mobile First
Ensure the platform you choose is mobile friendly as 70% of tickets
bought these days are purchased on mobile. That is a market you do not
want to miss out on. Also ensure it is mobile friendly for your support
side so that you can easily make changes on the run quickly and

All in all, the key to a good event is a great support team and above all, knowing
your customer. With the above tools and modern technology, this has become
much easier than ever before.

Good luck

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